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WCIV:North Charleston City Council says ‘no’ to Trailwood rezoning

North Charleston City Council says ‘no’ to Trailwood rezoning

Posted: May 10, 2012 6:53 PM EDT Updated: May 11, 2012 12:20 AM EDT

 Trailwood Mobile Home Community (WCIV) Trailwood Mobile Home Community (WCIV)

“I think it’s pretty much a done deal,” said Paulette Green who moved in about three months ago.  “At some point we’re going to have to find some place to go.”

According to a representative of Truluck Properties, the company that owns Trailwood, information has been sent out to the residents giving them everything they need to know to relocate including locations of other trailer parks (some who may provide moving incentives), requirements to move into Charleston County and the phone numbers of mobile home movers.

“We do believe that a move may be possible within six to nine months, and to that end, we wanted to give you the information we have been gathering about alternatives that may make the move much easier,” said Douglas H. Truluck in a letter to Trailwood residents.

The property currently occupied by more than 400 families has caught they eye of Palmetto Land & Sea based in Sacramento and the land could be rezoned to light-industrial if the company gets its way.

“It would be pretty unlikely for the developer to pull out at this point because he seems very intent on making this purchase happen and the owner is willing to sell the property to him,” said Elizabeth Boineau, a spokesperson for Truluck Properties.

Back in April, North Charleston’s planning commission recommended denying the California developer’s request to rezone.  On Thursday, North Charleston city council backed their decision.

“We have an obligation to know exactly what we’re bringing into our community,” said Mayor Keith Summey.

So far, council leaders says the developer has failed to provide them with a concrete plan for what it actually plans to put there.  A spokesperson for the developer explained the reason for the secrecy.

“I wouldn’t want to tell you who it is because it would be like telling all my competition in three states who it is,” said Bill Witting, a spokeswoman for the California developer.

Unfortunately, things still aren’t looking good for the residents. According to Truluck representatives, The City of North Charleston’s Comprehensive Development Plan identified the Trailwood property as “Redevelopment Priority.”

“Truluck Industries, as owners, entered into a contract to explore this sale, which has been moving forward in earnest over the last several months. As a result, the owners recognize that the residents have felt threatened and unsettled by the very real possibility of displacement,” a statement from property owners read.

The statement also says: “The residents of Trailwood may not be aware that City Council has no role regarding approval or disapproval of the sale.  The buyer of Trailwood, who would develop the property and seek to have it rezoned, has asked the City Council to approve its application to rezone the property consistent with the “Redevelopment Priority” designation in the City’s Comprehensive Development Plan.”

City’s council’s decision currently creates a road block for the developer.

“If it doesn’t work out, I say it’s to be determined as to what goes down,” stated Boineau.

Summey suggested that the developer pull its rezoning application and come back in a year when it has a more concrete plan on how the land will be developed.

The mayor stated that if, at any point, the city agrees to rezone the property, the city will help to locate residents impacted by it.


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