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Brand Image Development

Branding strategies that set you apart.

Potent messaging and visuals that make your business stand out

We come together with your core team in a messaging and positioning/branding launch discussion to determine what sets you apart.

Next, we dive into the competitive landscape. The extent of that plunge may vary by available information and a determination of the need for primary and/or secondary research to add to the “big picture” and scope of understanding about the current perception of the brand.

We create a brand perception with marketing research

We gather available information to assess brand perception and then add marketing research as deemed appropriate. Next, we articulate your competitive advantage and delve into your brand character and core values- all of which serve to differentiate you.

We want a message that is…

  • Heard

  • Experienced

  • Acted upon

We further assess your brand personality

To start, we establish the look and feel of the company — and then work that into the brand message platform and visual identity to deliver your brand meaning and message powerfully–through verbal and visual means. We use potent messaging and complementary visuals to differentiate our clients from the pack, and we make sure that resonates with each client’s audience so the message is heard, experienced, and ideally acted upon.

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