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Marketing Strategy Development

Marketing Strategy Development

Every company or organization looking for success in terms of business and sales growth, or who wants to add new customers or visitors and keep them coming back, should clearly articulate their position in the marketplace.

Brand Image Development

Brand Image Development

We come together with your core team in a messaging and positioning /branding launch discussion to determine what sets you apart. Next we dive into the competitive landscape.

Media Relations

Delivering the message to your target audience is critical. Tapping traditional news media and new (internet) media are essential channels for telling your story powerfully through third party endorsement. Credibility, influence and reach are powerful reasons for not overlooking the power of earning and not just buying media exposure.

Crisis Communications Management

A crisis can strike anyone- a company, an organization, a city, a municipality. How it’s handled says volumes about the character and strength of the organization. Crises are pivotal and defining moments. The survivors are those who respond professionally and expediently with all key parties, starting with the media.

Media Training

E. Boineau & Company offers Media Mark™, a training program designed to help companies and organizations deliver their message with precision to media and other influential audiences.

Media Mark leads companies through training that prepares them to communicate their message for optimum exposure to their target market through the myriad of media channels and other select audiences companies are “pitching” their story to every day.

Marketing Research

What do you really know about your current situation, your market, and your competitors? Strong marketing programs begin with good market research as the foundation. Whether it’s informal or takes a more formal approach, time spent researching and assessing your current situation and past trends will lead to a more effective marketing plan. The understanding gained can be illuminating and may even eliminate missteps along the way.

Community Relations

A comprehensive, ongoing community relations program will provide visibility for virtually any organization and position them as a good community citizen.


Thoughtfully planned and well timed, cost effective events provide an opportunity for clients and their target audience, internal and/or external, to experience the way a product or service works, plays, and comes alive.

Internet Marketing and Research

Internet marketing refers to the practice of promoting or marketing your products and/or services online. Internet marketing tactics may include search engine optimization and search engine marketing, sponsored links. All of it is driven by content that encourages site visitors to take action and gets your rankings up. Also, web site design strategies, online promotions, reciprocal linking, and email marketing (e blasts are an example) are components of an internet marketing plan.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a creative process undertaken to convey a specific message to a targeted audience. The term may also refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation.

Website Design & Development

The perfect business website is one that combines form, functionality and corporate mission with the most appropriate technologies. Our process ensures that your next website will be one that is functional, efficient, appealing and gets the message across. It will professionally reflect your brand image, and will be current, dynamic and easy to administer. Best of all, it will give your customers what they need to know about you and make it easier for them to understand your offerings and the benefits of selecting your company to handle their needs.

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