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WCSC Live 5 News: Lost lineage comes to life with new resource at Intl. African American Museum

Center for Family History at the International African American Museum‘s director, Brian Sheffey, had a great interview with Shelbey Roberts, WCSC Live 5 News about the depth of resources available at International African American Museum for your own genealogical journey!

Check out this excerpt from the interview or click here to see in full:

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – A new resource at the International African American Museum is helping some families trace their family lines more easily.

Lost lineage is coming to life at the Center for Family History at the International African American Museum.

Brian Sheffey is the director for the museum’s Center for Family History. He’s one of the four staff members working to help families discover their lost lineage, especially for Black Americans.

“It is an important journey and I think it’s really important in terms of developing our sense of self and our sense of identity. And for African-Americans specifically, understanding just how long our bloodlines have actually been in this country,” Sheffey said.

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