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Goose Creek Gazette: Forget the presidential election, let’s crown a king

Forget about electing a president, businessman Kevin High thinks the nation needs to move in a new direction. It needs a king.

Fortunately, High is volunteering to become king.

A king would be the answer to the ineffectiveness and corruption pervading the executive and legislative branches of the government and empty promises from politicians in an attempt to secure our vote, according to the king-in-waiting.

“I believe that Thomas Jefferson meant that each generation must pressure its leaders to modernize systems of governance based on contemporary socio-economic and political situations,” High says. “We need a sweeping change of the government because the current methods of serving as a politician are sucking the vigor out of America’s tree of liberty and, by extension, preventing our government from adapting to what’s needed to thrive in the current global economy.”

However, with the same old players playing the same old games, we are left with the same old solutions, High says in his book, “King,” which provides a detailed plan for our nation going forward, including sections on eliminating the national debt, slving America’s energy crisis and revamping governmental posts to adapt to current conditions.

Check out the future king at www.kinghighusa.com.

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