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WCBD-TV: Habitat for Humanity turns over keys in Mt. Pleasant


Local Habitat for Humanity leaders say they are facing challenges in finding funding due to the economy But, today the volunteers and board members turned over a new home to a family of 2 in Mt. Pleasant Saturday.

The East Cooper Habitat for Humanity leaders say at the peak of the economy they were turning over 5 or 6 homes per year, but right now they are doing 1-3 homes per year, due to a lack of funding and grants.

A sign hangs to greet the new residents of this home, and a lot of hands, big and small from the community built this house.

Robert Hervey of Habitat for Humanity said, “A thousand man hours by volunteers and we’ve raised money for the cost of materials through donations as businesses, individuals, foundations, all kinds of grants.”

Leaders at Habitat say this is what it’s all about, turning the keys over to the residents.

“It’s a good feeling because everybody here has worked very hard to make this happen, and the homeowner is certainly appreciative, the first thing she said was now I will have a place to play in the backyard because of this. She didn’t have a place for him to play before..it’s a change in their lives And you can’t help but feel good about that .”

Pat Neuhous with Habitat for Humanity said, “To see them move in the house and see the look on their faces.. And their children’s faces, oh we have a nice house in a nice neighborhood now, and now we don’t have to worry the rain running down in their beds, and we don’t have to worry about some activities around us, we’re safe here.”

Habitat for Humanity leaders say there is no shortage of volunteers to get these houses constructed, even the new homeowners pitch in.

“Show up we’ll give you the skills, so people show up and pretty soon they are hooked and they come back time after time, and they have a great time helping, and working side by side with a family who is going to live in a house gives them a special warm fuzzy feeling too.”

These homes aren’t for free, the homeowner has to earn the house as well as put in what Habitat for Humanity calls “sweat equity hours” into building their own home or helping on someone else’s home. They also have to prove they can manage their finances to be able to afford the mortgage, as well as demonstrate a need for the home.

The next Habitat for Humanity home is currently under construction in Mt. Pleasant. Leaders tell us it should be ready sometime later this fall.

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