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Say hello to your own joggling board, just in time for fall!

Are you the type who longs for next DIY project?
Say hello to your own joggling board, just in time for fall!

 By Kristi Outland

There are two types of people. Type A is one who gets excited at the thought of handcrafting a piece of furniture, and type B is the one intimidated by the entire process without a clue as to where to start.  In the realm of outdoor seating, the joggling board is a special piece of furniture that many outdoor lovers want on their porch. Thankfully, it’s one that any level of craftsman can handle on his or her own!

This how-to comes straight from The Joggle Factory, a locally owned and operated company where we work to create timeless, sustainable joggling boards. We started producing these boards back in 2010 to keep the joggling tradition alive in South Carolina.  Then we discovered that there were folks living outside of the Lowcountry who wanted to joggle along too.  The only problem is that a ten-foot or larger joggling board must travel on a freight truck. You can guess that the delivery fee on a joggling board can get pricey.  Because of this, we created a DIY Joggling Board Kit so fellow outdoor enthusiasts and those longing for a little “southern comfort” outside of the Lowcountry could still enjoy a slice of our renowned culture without breaking the bank.

Since then, the DIY demand has grown locally as well, and now South Carolina customers are taking matters into their own hands. Many customers find the DIY Joggling Board Kit to be a great option for reasons beyond cost. Customers have shared feeling real pride in building their own joggling board that the entire family can enjoy and even pass down as a family heirloom. Others make it a family or team building activity to create memories and an heirloom too.

The Joggle Factory provides very detailed instructions within the DIY kits that are easy to follow.  In addition to assembly instructions, we show you how to locally source the proper wood for the top board, aiming to cost less than forty dollars, depending on size. A complete tool list and explanation of how to use each tool is included.  A drill is needed, but a drill bit is included. An optional tool is a router with 3/4 round over bit for rounded edges. The Joggle Factory’s Charleston Green paint and primer are part of the kit.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a joggling board to your terrace, porch or covered outdoor setting but have been concerned about the cost or were just a little intimidated by a DIY, then The Joggle Factory DIY Joggling Board Kit could be a fun, inexpensive project for you and your family!

For a limited time only, The Joggle Factory will be offering $25 off the retail price for the DIY Joggling Board Kit.  To learn more about the DIY Joggling Board Kit, click here and let’s get joggling!

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